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Check This Out(Repost) Hall Of Mirors (Mirage) Optimization



So I was having some fun with Mirage's hall of mirrors, when I realized that if mirage's clones deal 1/3-1/5 of the damage you deal, then you have about 3-5 clones(with power strength you could double that), then I pulled out my detron, and went on a shrapnel rampage, the amount of burst lasers I was firing was insane, 1 shot with a detron gives off around 10-20 lasers(with max multishot), but multiply that with 3-5 times, thats around 60-100 shots in a second from 1 weapon!!! However the bonus shots deal 1/3-1/5 of the damage, so thats like 40 full damage blasts, without aiming, you have a range of 10 meters at max width, the length would be around 5 meters, and when you aim, all of those lasers are centered and thats a ton of damage you can deal. I suggest you guys try this out, grab a detron or brakk, or any shotgun, equip hall of mirrors with maximized build, then spray(and never have to pray) the world with your bullets, play without aim and cover the room, or aim and blast down a boss in a couple of shots. I do warn you guys, you will have dramatic lag change, your FPS will drop at least 10-20, but the excitement of blasting that much is awesome. GO TRY IT OUT GUYS!


Tips for maximizing this:


1:Equip eclipse and hall of mirrors

2:Have maxed power strength and duration, equip streamline

3:Use some shield/health mods for in case you backfire(and the shots kick you like a donkey)


1:Maximize mulishot

2:Maximize damage

3:Maximize bonus damage(elemental or anything)

4:Maximize status chance

5:Maximize fire rate


When you got this all done, get ready to give people a world of hurt. Reply and comment on your experiences trying this. :D


Btw this was reposted because of something in the forums preventing players from viewing it

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Hall of Mirrors is truly insane, and I mean that in an impressive way.


I had a pure fire build on one of my weapons and Hall of Mirrors was making me deal radiation damage for some reason.

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