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Not sure where to put these so I thought I might try here. I had a few simple suggestions that I thought might benefit everyone (myslef included).


1. Allowing players who are reviving allies to use their secondary weapons.


2. Having polarization effect only weapons/frames per slot (as in only A,B or C)


3. Having the next update include one more special to be added to each frame and allowing the player to choose only 4 out of the 5.

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nah but forma per abc tab would be another time consuming addition to forma. Forma need a rework they are a rip off atm.


You should forma a slot and then be able to change the polarity any time you want. Then to compromise DE can make them cost more plat and be rarer for all I care I just want forma to be the way they were meant to be. :(


just to clarify once a slot is formed it should be able to change to any polarity at any time :P if you get wat I mean ? :P

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