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Prosecuter Observations On Ceres


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what i am about to write i do not claim as a bug, the purpose of this post is to understand whether it is or is not an actual bug whether it is through the help of any members of the dev team that happen to read this or a bystanding friendly tenno. and if it is a bug i wish to report it.


after the release of U14 the drop rates of the 2 rarer beacons where increased, which i was very thankful of as i could finally fight Vay Hek (which was actually very fun and challenging, Thnx DE). however after fighting vay hek i decided to take a break and do other stuff. later when i returned to Beacon farming i noticed some particular things whether or not this was a result of the hotfixes i am not sure off. i did the majority of my beacon farming in varro and casta ceres (both defence missions), that's where i noticed something i did not see the last time a farmed (around the introduction of U14), instead of spawning every wave 5+ prosecutors would seemingly spawn only on waves that were multiples of 5, and even stranger was that out of all the times they spawned i only got shock prosecutors. the next thing i noticed i was able to confirm with other people on the warframe wiki. it would seem the prosecutors would drop exclusively the rarer beacons and almost never the more common ones (or at least what they used to be). 


if i could get some answers and/or help that would be great, and if any devs happen to be reading this could you please let me know if some of these observations are actually intentional and what workarounds exist for them.


thank you very much

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