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Warframe Armor In The Future


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I love the idea of armors in Warframe gives us all a chance to modify our frames and make them even more unique. I really love the Excal proto skin, though I understand this was a nod to Dark Sectors and a special skin. If we can mix the two ideas into one more concept and give combat armor type skins for all warframes.


I love Appleseed, like I'm sure most of the DE staff do as well.


The idea of armor like a bullet proof vest or combat jacket with pants and boots over the Warframe armor on par with the idea of the Excal proto suit is a very exciting idea, even if we only get one suit like this for all the frames. If we can place the pieces of armor over the skin like we can with the proto suit would be even better, but either way it would be very cool to get a bit of combat gear over the frame would be a very cool addition to the game.



For those who say that armor and combat suits wouldn't work together, I took a picture of my proto excal with both armor and the suit to show a little can go along way and look good together.



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This would be cool. I don't know if the proto Excalibur is a model or a skin but it looks good either way. If it is a skin, we need more themed after it. I would love to see a proto loki skin.

I agree, we should have a whole line of these. Why not get really creative! BTW. I'm in no way saying we need to replace the frames or the models themselves, after all they are what Warframe is know for, the look and style are beautiful. All I'm asking for is a bit more varity with each frame and this is just another way to do it.


I was in a group recently with two other excals, we all stood out for different reasons, I did because of my proto suit. On the flip side of this I have been in group with the same frames and felt like we needed something to make us feel different and not exactly like the guy standing next to me, the armor has taken us a step in this direction, but a different "combat aromor" skin (or a few) would really push this idea and make it a very different feel even if playing in a group of the same frames. Just giving my hopes a voice, thanks for reading.

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