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Warframe Theories


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okay so i had a bunch of theories rattling in my head about warframe and i had to post them some where


direct tenno/warframe theories:


multiple warframe models have been lost just like the mirage


after killing all the orokin the nekros models were saddled with getting rid of the bodies(desecration and what not)but before they could finish the infested spores got onto the ship they were on turning all the corpses against them they     were eventually overtaken and became one with a lephantis strand of infestation.


she wasn't frozen like the rest of the warframes so she made it her job to look over the solar system while her fellow tenno were asleep they were eventually overcame and there parts became scattered 


she went out to clear out the infestation but she was eventually overcome by it and was absorbed into a phorid strand of infestation


some of the warframes are made by the modern tenno



there acquisition is so strange that this is the only solution i can come up with


warframes and tenno are separate beings

warframes are humans bodies in power suits

tenno are A.I that can transfer between them

this explains why i can play both nova and rhino and still be the same person


warframes can be as strong as the stalker

but they cant because of the amnesia and skill degradation 




the infestation developed a hive mind after absorbing a nyx

before the infestation went rampant and started attacking everything it was a bio-weapon made by the orkin so why would they give it a hive mind?they didn't but when the orkin died the infestation went rampant it got its hands on a nyx(see above)the psychic power of the nyx malfunctioned while the suit started decaying and it sent out a wave of pstchic power giving the infestation within the vicinity a singular sentient consciousness that strand spread and merged with the other infested out breaks collecting into the main mind making the infested stronger smarter and allowing for extreme mutations ie ancients and bosses


phorid lephantis and j3 are infected warframes

phorid was the first infected warframe a regular infestation would just eat the flesh and spread but when it became intelligent due to one of the nyxs it ate it evolved becoming the first charger and the strongest one too(its missiles are mutated psychic bolts)

lephantis was next after the lephantis strand was assimilated it took the dead bodies already in itself and mutated them into the first ancients and then making a super ancient when the corpus and grineer invaded it took the designs it found and made a super version of them(well its closet approximation) 

j3 is just and infected volt


the infested are fungus

this one seems very evident to me




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Nova's more cobbled-together looking than other frames, and is by no means the most advanced.


Also, where'd you get the banshee and nekros stuff from?

just how hard it was to find them also do you really think a nekros could survive a lephantis attack


control over the strong and weak force wormhole creation and molecular instability compare this to say ember who shoots fire or banshee who can control sound or nekros who has nanobots i think total control over atomic stability and quantum physics is much more advanced then these(except may nnobots but that is debatable)

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Nova = Tenno Council frame.

Cant quite figure out how Lotus figured out how to make new warframes.




That the Tenno have been around for a LONG time. It's entirely possible that the Tenno High Council that created Nova was an ancient one, dating back to the time when the Tenno were first deployed against the Sentients, or earlier (depending on when the actual Warframes started to get developed). 


All that "Tenno Council Research" really states is that there IS NOT a Prime variation, as she was an original Tenno creation rather than an Orokin one that was redesigned by the Tenno sometime later down the line.


ZEPHYR, on the other hand, IS recent (as best I can figure) because of the Oxium discovery. Now, how the Lotus and Tenno pulled THAT ONE off, beats the hell out of me.

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