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Any Interest In A "pvp Competition Contest"?


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Right now, I am thinking about a first Community Event ranging over at least a week.

Please note, this is merely an idea, so there will be flaws. I am going to fix them.

Also note, right now with 14.0.9, Conclave is broken. Event may take place after a stabilizing patch.

First thing: Prizes. That's why you are here, reading my stupid stuff  :P


Q: What are the Prizes:

1st Place (confirmed) : 100P - to be spend freely.
2nd Place (confirmed) : 50P - to be spend freely.
3rd Place (confirmed) : 25P - to be spend freely.

200P in total, cuz this is for fun. And girls. :P

Why did I put "confirmed" there?

Well there is a catch, I want good clean fights.
In other words, there will be rules.



Q: How will this work?


Its relying on points - for now - unless changed.


You win = +2 Points

You lose = +0 Point


On a Draw (if this should ever happen) there is a rematch with Sun and Moon Spawn switched.



Fights will go like this:

The Referee (did I mention, there will be fair fights? ) will toss a coin. (A real one)

Heads or Tails called will decide, which side to take.


Depending on the Tier, where will be a score needed to reach first.

After half of the score is reached, spawns will be switched.

If you do not switch properly, there will be a penalty. For now -1 Points.

Don't get too cocky yet, 2 Penalties in a row and you have to sit one match out and -2 Points.

Makes -4 Points in total, no messing around here.


If your points fall under 0, you will be dismissed disqualified.



Q: There will be Tiers?


There will be tiers, so if you like a challenge, you can apply to a higher difficulty.

Note: If you sign up for a low difficulty and appear with a higher conclave layout, you get -1 Point as a Penalty.

Game will be rematched as soon as you changed your loadout accordingly.


Naked Class:    Conclave 0 - 100 : Venus

Lightweight:      Conclave 150 - 300 : Neptune

Mediumweight: Conclave 500 - 700 : Phobos

Heavyweight:    Conclave 1000 - 1500 : Pluto


Referee Tier: Yes, we need that one. He/She will be the one inviting you for each battle to start.

And take care of you.


Naked Class:    Score: 10

Lightweight:      Score: 20

Mediumweight: Score: 30

Heavyweight:    Score: 30


(Subject to be balanced, to avoid unnecessary lengthy fights)


Q: Do I need to apply?


Yes, (for now) so we can track you guys. Unless we/ I have a proper solution, how to handle that,

no applications are accepted. This is still some sort of concept.

We may need some kind of CMS to manage all that.

Since not all of you are in the same timezone, it will be hard to manage that during workdays.

We might need to put contestants near your Timezone up to battle.

A battle between "Los Angeles" and "Germany" will be tough to pull.


Q: I read "Referees"?


For these, I need heeelp.

Voluntieers needed, Experience in Conclave required.

No match shall go unattended. Referees might join to each team casually.

Each Match will go similar to a 2v1 battle, but Referees shall not engage in battle.

If Conclave supports Spectator-Mode, this is to be used instead of joining.


Referees have to be colored black-white, you may get a Loadout-slot beforehand.

Referees shall not distract the Contestants, you may get a Loki and be fully invisible - no sentinel / Kubrow!


Some mandatory rules so far:

Killing a Ref = -2 Point Penalty

Ref killing a Contestant: Dismissal of Referee and Replacement. Battle will be rematched.


Referees can not apply as a Contestant or instant dismissal.

Referees can and will not be part of the Clan of one of the Contestants.


Referees are supposed to host each match so a sufficient Internet-Connection is mandatory.

Contestants are allowed to record the Battle (Fraps, DXTory) you may get a YouTube-Account.

You don't have YouTube-Acc? Geez, where you living at?


Q: Now... are there true rules for Contestants?



Some weapons will be prohibited, this counts for several Abilities as well.


Forbidden Weapon(s) and Abilities for all Tiers as of 27-07-2014 :

(This will be included in all tiers, even if it states "None")


- Angstrum (1 Click Kills. Reason: DMG)

- Penta (Unless approved as "hard to pull", Reason: DMG)

- Ogris (The trail will reveal you anyway, Reason: DMG)


- Ability: Saryn's Mold (Which human would fall for this anyway, no DoT cheating allowed)

- Ability: Ember's World on Fire

- Ability: Mag's Pull

- Ability: Ash's Shuriken and Bladestorm (Reason: Instakill everything - including Refs)

- Ability: Nyx' Absorb (Reason: can lead to "Infinite Absorb" in some spawns)


- Aura Mods ( Enemy Radar - for now - unless the effect spreads over )


- Sentinels

- Kubrows


Forbidden Weapons and Abilities in "Naked Tier" as of 27-07-2014:

- Ability: Rhino's Ironskin

Forbidden Weapons and Abilities in "Lightweight" as of 27-07-2014:

- Ability: Rhino's Ironskin


Forbidden Weapons and Abilities in "Mediumweight" as of 27-07-2014:



Forbidden Weapons and Abilities in "Heavyweight" as of 27-07-2014:



Community-proposed Prohibits to review as of 27-07-2014:

- Ability: Trinity's Link

- Ability: Valkyr's Hysteria

- Ability: Vauban's Tesla



Feel free to post a proposal what weapon should be banned and why.

Keep this thread clean and write a reason why a weapon should be restricted.

Just "it is OP" or "X sucks" won't help anyone, this should be handled as fair as possible to enjoy.

Respect others.


Q: Anything else?


Yeah, using exploits like "out-of-map" or "camp inside of object" or "hide on ceiling" will have you get disqualified.

Any abuse of bugs of a conclave arena will have you disqualified.


If you get stuck by accident, you can request ONE rematch with the other Contestants approval.

This is not the case, when you are obviously losing to force a rematch. Nope.




Thats's it for now.



PvE players are allowed to partipicate. Please note, PvP is boldly unbalanced.

The rules are set up to balance it by some degrees.


If you want to train PvP, feel free to grab a Clanmember or random for either Duelroom-Training or 100 Conclave.

Don't be afraid to lose. We all do. Sometimes.

Do not apply, unless you are certain of your ability.


You better get a LvL 30 Frame, for most benefits in terms of shield, HP and energy.

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This would be very interesting.

Vauban's teslas. There needs to be a small restriction. Not a complete ban on it but perhaps a simple rule that states "No teslas at spawn"


However, how would the referee system work? I mean everyone is in different places.

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Right now I need to collect as much data about the conclave "do and don't" as possible.

If someone can fill me in over PN (and take me for a ride), that would be helpful.

Please note, I can't be online all day and my timezone is GMT+2 (Germany)


Leave that management to me for now unless you have a better idea. :)

Conclave right now is useless, so I have quite some time to figure out a way to have the system behind it conveniant.


Unless everything is perfect in place, I won't officially announce the event anyway.

I hope I don't have to limit the count of partipicants or do boring preliminaries :/

Warframe has waaay too much players to handle them all alone.

No "management ex machina", yet.


I'll note the "Tesla" problematic down for now.



- Nyx Absorb, can lead to "Infinite Absorb" in spawns (banned)

- Trinity's Link (may need to be restricted due to its nature)

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