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Can I Use Hialgo Switch?



SWITCH is a utility that can with a single push of a button change the game’s resolution from 100% to 50%, instantly giving you a significant framerate increase -- which is very important during highly dynamic battles.



This is programs description, can i use it with Warframe? Is it allowed like sweetfx? I don't know warframe's anti-cheat system and i dont want to get banned by using this. Is just changes the resolution in heavy movement and giving awesome fps boost. (Saved my life in Skyrim)

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The official site claims they used the switch on Warframe, also, it modifies data sent to the graphics card, and not data in the service, it should be fine. To get a more direct and definite answer, send a support ticket; I suggest putting it under game performance. You could also directly message one of the DE's. I think Rebecca would be a very 'wanting to help and get correct information' reply.

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