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Invasion Need Love(Invasion 2.0)

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Ive done alot of invasions. One thing that bothers me, and I think Im not the only one, is that its kinda boring. It feels like Endless Exterminate. Im missing some interactions between you and the environment. And anything other people can come up with. Its not really, yknow, 'fun'. to play. It can be a challenge, but thats about it.

Would love to see ideas to renew it posted below!

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Yeah and it could be different depending on wich side you are supporting like:

-Need to hack spots and break walls when you are invading.

-Beating a miniboss, the general who´s leading the invasssion at the field.


It could be cooler for us Tenno merecenaries to have a cooler invasion experience. I will allways say that the actual invasion maps are awesome and you have some cool things running like being launched to a ship and things like that but more talk from Lotus, in-mission goals to break the foe´s defenses and things like that would make invasions more dinamic and fun.

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Hm. This is a topic I had thought about quite often, so I'll post a framework of my thoughts here. 


1.) How the Invasion Progresses

I believe an Invasion should be in two parts: a major battle at a single node to determine whether the attacker will gain a foothold in the system or not, then a series of minor battles at other nodes that would determine how far the attacker will be able to spread influence throughout the system. The major battle will have to be run at least 5 times, while the minor battles will only be run 3 times. You can still switch your support for whatever faction in-between invasions.  



2.) Minor Battles and Major Battles

The minor battles will be easy: those can remain as extermination modes, except they only have to be run 3 times. 


Major Battles, on the other hand, will be more complex. It seems that the Devs can make missions that hold multiple objectives (Spy/ Deception missions that turn into Exterminate, the revamped Dark Sector conflicts, the first part of Vor's Prize): they could use this feature in the Major Battles so that we have up to three objectives that have to be accomplished in 1 run.


 (tl:dr = Start Major Battle > 5 Runs > Every run = 1 gameplay session w/ 3 different objectives) 




3.) Major Battle Runs 


Ideally each run will be unique, but in order to keep a structure there would be missions suited for "opening" a run, for the "middle" of the run, and for "ending" the run. 


- "Opening" Missions: Exterminate, Interception, Deception, Mobile Defense

- "Middle" Missions: Defense(Wave/Time), Sabotage, Exterminate, Deception, Interception

- "Ending" Missions: Capture, Survival, Defense (Wave/Endless/Timed), Hijack, Assassination (if possible, but probably will be rare), Rescue, Spy

So the first run could go (Exterminate>Deception>Rescue), then the next would be (Deception> Defense (Wave/Timed)> Capture), and so on, until the player completes 5 runs. 



4.) Enemy Types


Ideally, since the invasion is practically one faction's military might against another's, there would be little to no restriction on what units spawn (Except maybe the Frontier and Arid types, but I don't really mind). 

5.) Rewards

Of course, the important part. The Minor Battles should stick to offering Fieldron/ Detonite Injectors / Orokin Cells / Credits, and maybe should start including Argon Crystals. The Major Battles, however, should give bigger rewards: Orokin Reactors and Catalysts, Forma, huge credit/resource bundles (for the credits, 200K minimum), Rare 5 core bundles (a.k.a everything that was in Suspicious Shipments).   



...maybe I should've made my own topic.

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there would be little to no restriction on what units spawn (Except maybe the Frontier and Arid types, but I don't really mind).

Well, Phobos would spawn primarily Arid Grineer, whereas Earth would spawn primarily Frontier Grineer, since those are stationed there. They would be supported by standard Grineer units redeployed from other planets. The other way around ... Mars could see support troops from both Phobos and Earth, but e.g. Pluto would be too far away to justify deployment of Frontier and Arid units.



...maybe I should've made my own topic.

You should have. I really like your idea - except on little thing: With longer "major" battles and higher rewards, 5 runs might be a little too much. Even now, with only 5 exterminations, invasions are over in little to no time if any side happens to offer a catalyst/reactor/forma, because everyone wants their piece of the cake, and almost nobody manages to finish all 5 runs.

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