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Excessively Loud Screeching By Infested


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This is a great game with a lot of good sound design. Lotus with her deep, bell-like voice and mild Canadian accent; the audible alerts when you locate an item you can activate; the subtle but useful bleeps of the scanner.


I don't have a problem with the horrible, nerve-wracking screech sounds that infested make. They're horrible, nerve-wracking monsters. My problem is that infested are so infernally loud. If there are infested in the vicinity, I cannot hear any other game sounds. Normally, I just turn the sound off. Infested are PAINFULLY loud. Half as loud would STILL be too loud. I can't hear my gun firing. I can't hear my pet's yelps of pain as he stupidly commits hari kari against a vastly superior force. I can't hear my wife screaming that dinner has burned. Okay, so it's not all bad. But it's mostly bad, and it's severely out of balance with the other sounds.


You know I love you in a socially-acceptable, non-creepy way. Well, socially-acceptable, at least. So you know that when I tell you you need to fix something, I'm (1) right and (2) trying to help. Get 'er done.


Incidentally, I got laughed out of the forums during Alpha when I said you needed pets, quests, and more tiles. You may take this as absolute proof that I possess Psychotic Powers of Self-Deception (PPSD). So mark my words: If you put panda pets in this game, the only people playing will eventually be little girls. Nothing against the Chinese, but I don't think they realize that on THIS continent, pandas go with pink ponies and stuffed toys that fart rainbows. No pandas.

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