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Help Me Out Please -Tutorial Glitch With The Default Warframe



I tried this game back in OBT and Chose Excalibur class 

now when i Returned tutorial asked me to choose class again and i chose Volt.

After tutorial I was Excalibur again. Tried to relog but it didn't help. Created New account and 

chose Volt again and same happened. Is this some sort of bug or part of the game? (which i doubt)

I want to play Volt 


PS. you can also advice me which class to play as a starter which is best to me it is Volt but as you see having problems with it ^^ oh and also is there any way to delete character? I cant see any options.


Thanks in advance

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Join a clan that has volt researched. Buy what you need build him and play him.


Or... If you are willing to spend some money on the game by this point get some platinum and buy him for 75 (including 40pt worth of slot and Reactor).  Loki and Excalibur tie with Volt when it comes to value for pt frames.  For 225pt you can start with Mag and buy Volt, Excalibur and Loki, giving plenty of options for play and less need to worry about the 4 revives per day.

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