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Kubrow Bug: Loyalty Is Degrading?


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My Kubrow's Loyalty is degrading as if it were his health. This Kubrow has never died in a mission, I would know if he had died, so im a bit perplexed towards why his loyalty is degrading. Is there any other way besides death that causes loyalty to drop, or is this a legitimate bug?

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you only have to press interact once to boost it to 100% and it takes like 4 sec?


Well that was a completely warranted and appropriate reaction.


Asks if something is a bug, accused of calling for nerf. /logic

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It's depleting due to neglect I guess. Some weird system for a game orientated to missions.


I agree


logically speaking, these are companions, or pets, whatever you want to call them. interacting with them and making them happy tells them that they are wanted, or needed, giving them strength. a sense of purpose

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I just got my second Kubrow last night, and before I slept he was 100% DNA Integrity, and 100% Loyalty.

I forgot to put him in stasis before the daily reset, so he should have lost 10% integrity.
He just died in an Alad V Assassination, which should have dropped his loyalty 20%.

When I got back to my ship, he'd lost 30% DNA Integrity, and 60% Loyalty..
I think there's a few bugs here still..

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