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U14 Ui Needs A Little Polish In A Couple Places


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I know that there's still a lot of testing and adjusting and polishing that has yet to be done in the new UI (which is awesome and beautiful and I love, by the way...), especially with all the resizing and stuff that's going on since the release of U14.


One thing I've noticed that seems like it would have maximum effect with (maybe) minimum work is the navigation font's "crispness."




As you can see in the image above, the main title "Mercury" and the prompt in the lower right-hand corner are very crisp and lovely, but the mission titles (like "Odin" or "Tolstoj" for example) and especially the matchmaking box's border and text are fuzzy and kind of blurred on the edges. I assume this is because they've been made larger than original, and the fuzziness is due to this enlargement.


Honestly, I preferred the smaller, original size, and I wish that the UI had the same sort of sizing options as the in-game HUD, but I appreciate that that would take a lot of work, that perhaps the framework behind making that possible wasn't built into the new UI code, and that the dev's have to make the UI work on a wide array of screen resolutions and aspect ratios.


But if the UI text and borders could be uniformly crisp, I think that would make a huge difference!



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