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So How Many Of You Guys Are Still Recoloring Your Gear?

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Right now, I just finished recoloring all my Frames, Sentinels, and Primary weapons as close as they were before. Still have a million Secondaries and Melee weapons to go, and these random disconnects keep resetting my progress. :/


On another note, I am now horrified at what kind of color options I had on weapons I never used.

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Didn't bother with weapons and sentinels, think they look better this way for all that I care.

There are only two things that I can't seem to bring back to their days of glory though - and those are Nyx (her grey turned into a glossy rubber-like thing that I can't get rid of, only revealing how low quality her textures were in the first place) and my Kubrow.

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Took me 20 min to recolor.


Mostly corrected black colors being too dark, and revised some that I wasn't entirely happy with.


I think the frames (and probably the weapons) look much better with the new colors.

Some players however are too abusive with them, many LSD themed are showing up.

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