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Late Saturday/sunday Login Issues

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It's a really strong DDOS attack that has been timed with the closing day of Comic-Con. Nor is this the only game to have this problem at this current moment. So I'm not expecting this to be fixed soon.

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I was playing a void T3 defence mission when after completing the game keeps crashing or the whole screen blacks out.

I can't do anything but restart my computer. When I started playing again a few minutes after the whole thing freezes then I was force to log off. 

I was at arsenal, but cannot do anything but go to the menu, as soon I clicked profile the screen blackout again.

What the heck is happening? I can't even go to support either!

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WHAT THE FREAKING HECK?!??! After doing a Survival 2 and completing, we end and come to a black screen. Yet ANOTHER WARFRAME CRASH. I want the loot we worked hard for. The status of your servers are unexceptable. I've sent a ticket and want imeadiate results. . . .

You've never played a nexon game have you? They have had Server issues pretty much all the time for the past 2 years+ with no sign of it getting fixed ever.

At least DE fixes theirs and doesn't have them constantly.

Also, you sound like you're 5 years old with your "gimme now! right now!" attitude. Grow up a little and stop your tantrum.

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I don't understand why such a good game would be DDoS'd. :/ What did DE do to deserve this?

DDoS attacks arent connected to how good game is. People that do DDoS attack do this because they are bored, want to prove something or out of pure spite.

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Playing warframe at the moment is extremely aggrevating !

Every other time I get invited to a group, I disconnect from the game.


When I try and connect to a public group, and do a mission, I am disconnected about every other time as well.

And when I am lucky enough, and manage to get into a group without a DC.  The mission is played through and at the end of the mission when the warframes are exiting the mission, then there is another big chance of being disconnected.


Sometimes even in the middle of the missions themselves, I get disconects.


So all in all I manage to maybe complete a mission every 2 times out of 6.

 ( and I have even got disconnected from the game when I am accessing the modding station. )


Please fix this ASAP.

This is extremely frustrating.

There are other things to do for sure, but this evening I really wanted to play warframe !


 - Feldspan

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