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Had Alad V Been Buffed?



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He was never the easiest boss, but not the hardest either. Now he is near impossible to kill (not him, but zanuka). I must have done 50 runs, and only 4 or 5 were successful (AND NOT ONE OF THEM DROPPED THE PART I ACTUALLY NEED)


What has happened?


I soloed a level 52 salad before the damage nerf.

So what is the problem ?


What's your gear ?

What's your mods ?

What's your frame ?


Not giving any details means we can't really help you at all.

Just saying..

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Look at your conclave rating. Although it's rather poor because it's based on overall rating (instead of a set amount of the strongest weapon or something because other gears won't be used to really fight the boss), just taking off either the secondary or primary and setting your melee weapon to modless for coptering can easily cause the boss to scale down to the point you can just point at a gun at him and he dies.

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He's easy. I did 3 runs and got all 3 Valkyr parts, I just sliced Salad, and while Zanuka revives, I slice both of them, and eventually both die.


This was before with


Paris Prime

Dex Furis


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