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How Would You Fix Pvp?


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Time to insert witty "remove it from the game" comments and give tons of upvotes.

Well that is one way to fix it isn't it?


I still vote for GW2 system with fixed skill/weaponry/level.


Eitherway i don't see it being fixed without devoting decent amount of resources on DE's part.

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Get rid of the fact that attackers cant spawn camp the defenders,but the defenders can camp the attackers spawn all they want,being killed before i even process whats going on is anything but fun or enjoyable.

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To begin with:


Remove all mods/auras effects on everything. All builds=0 mod.

All powers by default on frames, like if ability mods rank 0 were equiped (no other mods taken into account).
Give random generated similar equipment to everyone in a session.

Lore Explanation: "Ancient Negator Facilities who neglect all the mod technology for defensive/caution purposes (orokin engineered, those "interference stations" are enabled on Dark Sectors and Tenno constructions: Dojo, Rails, Ships).


Then, the tweaks could follow on this mere basis.

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Oh I forgot to put mine!

-Give players predetermined weapon builds (For example: Crit Grakata,Status chance Grakata etc) The builds will have to use the weapon strengths.

-Predetermined warframe builds: Duration Ash, Power strength Ash etc.

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 More serious post.


- Energy is earned by killing. No more energy pick ups. 5 for a normal enemy. 10 for a Heavy unit enemy. 15 for a Specter. 25 for a player kills. Assist kills net you 5 energy. Revives add 10 energy.


- Energy regeneration from Auras is slowed.


- Skills that consume energy over time have the rate at which they expend energy increased. The severity of the increase would be addressed on a case by case basis. This change to skills would only exist in PvP.


- All skills that would normally add invulnerability now add damage resist. This change to skills would only exist in PvP. Exactly how much resist would be handled case by case. DE could keep tweaking until everything players right.


- Invisible enemy players will shimmer when they are within a certain distance of you. How far could be tweaked over time until it is just right. This change to skills would only exist in PvP.


- A cap is put on the maximum amount of Block Reflect and Energy Efficiency that can be used in PvP.


- Killing a Player while in downed state will revive you with a small amount of health. Note - Not 'down a player while in downed state'. You have to finish them.


- Rideable Moas.

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I think they have created a great format for PvP in Warframe. I used to be one of the hardcore people who only ever wanted to see PvE in this game, but the long grind wasn't going anywhere and I was getting bored and frustrated of playing what had essentially become RNG Simulator 2014. This clan-based off-and-on PvP gives us a reason to grind out the best gear other than just wanting it.

To fix it, though, I think the first step has to be to take the no spawn entry without taking massive amounts of damage like in MOBAs, 33% ticks every second that bypass shields would be about right. Spawn Camping the first stage is a massive balance problem.

Next priority has to be to get as many Warframes to be playable as possible; right now the meta restricts us to picking Rhino, Frost, Valkyr, Mirage, and Ash to even compete with frames like Saryn, Loki, and Trinity being a kind of B tier level (from my experience). Skills need to be nerfed a lot (I am looking at you Bladestorm >_>). Again, I am thinking to look to MOBAs for this, and there are two options: First, we either nerf the skills down to a smaller chunk of damage and reduce durations to under 4 or 5 seconds as in most MOBAs, or increase the amount of health and shields that Warframes have (only for PvP). This will prevent the instagib Bladestorm effect or 30 second giant Snow Globes that are completely uncounterable.

Third, I want to see a way better Mod Rank up system. I think we should be able to choose what to rank up and when - provided we have enough capacity points.  If this isn't something they want to pursue, then we need to have it so that every level gives us some benefit. We should unlock the power of our mod in an unranked state as soon as we have enough capacity for it and as we level add more levels of that mod on so that we aren't having large 4 or 5 level gaps without any benefit. At the very least there needs to be a UI element that shows what you have Active on your Warframe at any given time. I don't want to have to remember all four of my loadouts and calculate what is unlocked based on my levels and polarity slots. It is just a nightmare. UI needed. 

And I think my last point is more cosmetic. GET RID OF THE CORRUPTEDS! Why are they out of the Void?! Give them more random low level Spectres, or, even better, some Red Veil supporters or something. The Corrupted Corpus and Grineer look really dumb.

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I would leave the original frame and weapon builds alone. Leave it to the alliances to equip their armies and demonstrate their competence. Build limitations should be restricted to conclaves, as those are nothing more than isolated conflicts whose sole purpose is to provide a platform for single-minded competition to occur.

Dark sectors actually serve a purpose, which makes it extremely silly to restrict the combat conditions. The PVP in these cases ought to go beyond what happens in-game.

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If we're talking Solar Rail Conflicts and not Conclaves:


Limit the amount of energy players can get from an energy fountain (e.g. if you have 50 or more energy, the fountain doesn't give you any more). Move them from the spawn points to the middle of each section. Don't allow players to activate abilities within a certain radius around the fountain.


Also something something Penta OP etc.

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Instead of having an energy aura thingy at the spawn point you simply start out with 50 energy.


For abilities, Shuriken does not home in on Tenno, Bladestorm does not target Tenno.


The extra attacks from Mirage does not apply extra damage to Tenno.


Tenno are at most slowed down by 10% from MP and Warcry.


Area of effect abilties like WoF, Miasma, Overload, Pull, etc only deal 25% of normal damage to Tenno.

Explosive weapons only deal 15% of the normal damage to enemy Tenno (and full damage to yourself, should you shoot at your feet)


Eqipped aura does not discriminate between friend and foe, but work at 50% power because of Orokin energy and are at most the same level as the warframe.


Abilities that grant invulnerability instead give 50% damaga reduction.


When the attackers lose all of their extra lives they simply stop respawning and the remaining alive have 5 minutes to complete the objective before they lose.


Enemy invisible frames like Loki and Ash still glow red while invisible, no matter their energy color.

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Simple. Revert Conclave back to standard stats.


The whole Percentage reduced on damage and Stats is rather pointless. Most of us who PvP regularly were content with the way weapons 1 shot. Now you have to land 3-4 shots from weapons like Sybaris, Latron Prime, Vectis, Ect. When people are litterally flying around, you should be rewarded by getting that 1 shot kill, not have to repeat it 4-5 times.


And as someone said earlier, remove abilites. Sure, why not. I don't even have them equiped on most of my frames for PvP, but some abilites are silly.





PS, Ridable MOAs when?!

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