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Wts Arcane Helmets And Prime Weapons

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Arcane Helmets:

Banshee Chorus (Power Efficiency: +10% / Stamina Max: -5%)

Banshee Reverb (Energy Max: +10% / Health Max: -5%)

Loki Essence (Power Efficiency: +15% / Armor: -5%)

Nova Flux (Stamina Max: +10% / Health Max: -5%)

Ember Phoenix (Energy Max: +25% / Shield Max: -5%)

Ash Scorpion (Stamina Max: +25% / Power Efficiency: -5%)

Saryn Hemlock (Movement Speed: +10% / Health Max: -5%)

Excalibur Pendragon (Power Strength: +15% / Armor: -5%)

Volt Pulse (Power duration: +15% / Shield Max: -5%)

Rhino Thrak (Health Max: +25% / Sprint Speed: -5%)

Rhino Vanguard (Movement Speed: +25% / Power Strength: -5%)


Regular Helmets:

Valkyr Bastet

Nekros Shroud


Weapons (blue prints):

Boar Prime

Braton Prime

Bronco Prime

Latron Prime

Paris Prime

Sicarus Prime

Dakra Prime

Glaive Prime

Orthos Prime






Undying will


Rifle Ammo mutation

Bow Ammo mutation

Pistol Ammo mutation

Heavy Caliber


Power and rifle corrupted damage mods.



Ammo back up packs

Orokin Reactors

Orokin Catalysts


Warframes(blue prints and parts, no systems):

Frost Prime


WTB or trading for Gorgon

Taking plat offers too.

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