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Wts Cheap. I Got A Lot So Not Trying To Rip Anyone Off Willing To Negotiate

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I am sling lots of stuff cheaper than normal asking prices because I have a lot and I like helping ppl out...

FOR warframes I have full ember set 35p all rhino except helm for 40p all frost except not for 25p all magazine except helm for 20p Loki bp10 Loki chassis 45p....

FOR WEAPONS boar set 20p Soviets set 10p and I have most parts for weapons witch I usually let go for about 5-6 p each..

AS FOR MODS I don't have time to write down all mods but here is a few if there are more u want let me know

For 10p- vigor, barrel diffusion, contiguous spread,all Cicero, all aura mods, constitution,

For 5p- flow, steamline, rage, berserker, master thief, pathogen rounds, seeker, vital sense, life strike, quickening

For 15p- decisive judgment, blind rage, split chamber cooling viper, bleeding, g willow, sismic palm,

There are many other mods and stuff that I didn't think of at the home but pm me what u need on here psn. Or just reply to this post. Thank u and good hunting.

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