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Number Of Enemies In Extermination And Secondary Quests


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Hi guys,

A bit of time ago (1 year circa) the community asked for more enemies in Extermination missions. Before there was a very low number of them (30, 40, 50). Now it's possible to have more than 100 enemies on an Extermination mission, but it's still to low. 

Doing a normal mission will allow a player to kill more than 100 enemies. So, why don't add 50 enemies circa in every Extermination mission?

And, about the amount of experience gained in normal missions vs Dark Sectors/Survival/Defense missions: there is no point in doing normal missions because there is a great difference of experience gained in these ones. 
Why don't you boost the Experience gained in normal mission, for example adding a second secondary quest (instead of just one) or more different kind of quests?

I mean, something that allow a player to gain a good amount of experience doing normal missions, instead of be forced to do Survival/Defense. 

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I'm speaking about an higher number of enemies in every Exterminate missione, from Mercury to Pluto. The frist planets have missions with something like 30 or 50 enemies, and Phobos too. 
This is a too low number. 


However, only Infestation has a so high number of enemies. The next is Void with 160 as maximum circa. The others haven't enough enemies. 

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If you force 1000 enemies on me on Exterminations I will simply pick a very, very specific setup when I need to say, run an Alert, and still use my "LOL FACTOR OVER 9000!" setups when, well, I want to troll the enemy.


If you are looking for fun, then simply MOAR mobs is not the answer.

If you are looking for challenge ... ditto.

If you are looking for LESS people doing Exterminations, then great, you will get that. Or not, as it will just probably be ultra-specific builds


... I mean, there's no specific reasons for most people to run Exterminations anyway. I do it for fun, but most people seem to want rewards.


There should be generally more content aimed specifically at max level frames, as it's far to easy to get to Rank 30 anything.


If those 100 enemies had more variety in the sense of how say, Diablo or Borderlands does it, by jamming whacky random auras and elemental abilities everywhere, we might get a kind of Dungeon Crawler experience. I mean, I would not mind, I'm just not sure what everyone would think.

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The problem I think isn't the number of enemies, but rather, how spread out they are. Exterminate missions seem to have enemies extremely spread out, keeping the same number but bunching them more tightly together would do the trick difficulty-wise I think. The reason no one runs Exterminates isn't that the level reward is low, but rather, because of how long it takes (because a small number of enemies are spread out within a gigantic map).

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