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I Fell Into The Heart Of The Void


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I was playing T3 Survival with some pals.Everything was okay then I used Crimson Dervish's second combo.After I did it I started to fall.I fell for 10 secs then I found myself in the heart of the void.There was no way to save myself so I tried to suicide and use one of my revives.I jumped out of the heart of void, I fell like 1000 meters then I found myself at the same place again.It was like a paradox.After falling 1000 meters I was there and I was looking to the void.Then I got disconnected.When I fell there we were at 25th min and I had won lots of expensive stuff.I was going to sell them for 40 platinium.After the disconnect I checked my inventory.I had won nothing.Cause of game bug I lost items that costs 40 platiniums.







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