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after u14 this is the last problem i have and in time during last week i have more problems since u14: login during minutes; after i accept a mission and start loading the time is also very long and can t exit even if i press escape;mods screen very unclear and move!?.. and i must travel into a ship to unlock... thing that i must have becouse my account have lvl6. if i use my 30lvl rhino fully build in some planets a lvl10 moster knock me down but before u14 this is never happened and i must tell u i play every planet and scenarios in this game.if i play rescue the hostaces disapear and appear in another location or remain stuck. i don t know but even the feeling now is that i play a sega game and all ghrafics is from a old 90 s game.i still want to play it if i can login in the future . this is not a demand or bad report and another players must not have all problems that i have but if u know what should i do to fix it or u see what i do it wrong please let me know and i hope this not angry nobody.

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