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Yokai – The Ghost Warframe


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In line with ghosts of legend, Yokai destroys her enemies with all the wrath of the unquiet dead.

Shields: 200

Health: 100

Armor: 20

Stamina: 200

Capacity: 130




Possession: Yokai takes control of an enemy or a Tenno, allowing her to use their weapons and abilities, with a fraction of their integrity. Upgrading increases percentage of health/shields/armor of the victim available while possessed from 30%/40%/50%/60%. 25 energy.


Intangibility: Yokai slips into the world of the dead, allowing her to pass through obstacles and enemies undetected. 65 energy. Upgrading increases speed while intangible from 50%/70%/90%/110%.


Haunting: Yokai casts a curse on one enemy, forcing them to suffer massive damage, and spread the curse in a small radius should they die. Upgrading increases damage.


Lifeblood: Yokai pulls out the souls of her enemies and her fellow Tenno, doing massive damage to both friends and enemies while healing and supercharging herself. 110 energy.


Alt. abilities:


Exorcism: Yokai flies out of her body and begins to haunt an enemy or a Tenno, buffing them if they’re an ally or debuffing them if they’re an enemy. 35 energy.


Ectoplasm: Yokai vomits an orb of freezing slime, terrifying and freezing those unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast.


Rising: Yokai summons a mysterious spirit to help her team in battle (a mysterious ghost, not a Shadows of the Dead thing.) 80 energy.


Withering: Yokai creates a Pentagram trap, reducing the stats of anyone unfortunate enough to enter the cursed circle. 95 energy.


Alternate helmets: Onna and Jenglot.

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Cool, but male frames could use some love...not 'every' new frame needs to be a gal...


Uhh, does it really matter? It's the concept that we're looking at, not really the gender.


But sadly I think the abilities need a little tweaking.

1st ability is very similar to Nyx's 1st, but I'm not sure... does this replace your weapons? Or just add a buff?

2nd would be very difficult to bug test, also similar to Loki's ability. What happens if the player is inside a wall when the ability ends? Perhaps it would be better if the intangibility shielded the player from enemy fire for a few moments as the bullets would go straight through her. Just a thought.

3rd is very similar to Saryn's venom, mixed with a bit of Nova's Molecular prime.

4th sounds a bit overpowered. You might need to flesh it out a bit. If it does both massive power, heal, and supercharge...that seems a bit...excessive.


Also powers typically don't go over 100 energy mark, unless modded to be so. The 25/50/75/100 is fairly standard, with a few exceptions.


Anyway, I think we all would like to see a Ghost frame, but I think you mind want to consider some revision to make her more unique. :D Hope I could help.

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And the alt abilities?


Both Ectoplasm and Rising act very similar to Nekro's terrify and Shadows of the Dead. Though you say it is separate from Shadows of the Dead, you might need to explain further then.


Exorcism and Withering actually sound solid, but you need to be more detailed as far as how the debuff mechanics work. Is it similar to inflicting a puncture debuff or something new entirely? Withering is also quite costly energy wise, so I'm guessing this is a sizable debuff? You have to make sure the cost is equal to the ability pay off. Why pay for a debuff that's so costly when you can simply shoot the enemy dead, or spam other abilities? Game design is all about balancing this player empowerment. Can't make it overpowered, but it has to satisfy the player as well.

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