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Perhaps De Could Bring Back Old Event Storylines As Quests?


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With the new Quest system in place Warframe finally has a method for implementing "story mode"-type missions beyond the temporary events we've had so far. But why not combine the two? Why not let new players see for themselves the events of the past that influenced the world of Warframe as they see it now, to be a part of such events as Sling-Stone, The Gravidius Dilemma, the Cicero Crisis, and Tethra's Doom? I think making Quests out of these events would help flesh out the Warframe-verse for newer players that had missed those events, as well as give veteran players a chance to relive them a bit. That said, for those who had done them already and gotten their exclusive rewards, the Lotus might have some exclusive Gifts in store for those that were part of the original events, or perhaps certain exclusive content wouldn't be unlocked in the Quest version, like the badges or Wraith/Vandal weaponry. What do you all think?

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