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Kubrows, Upkeep And Ideas.


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Hello Tenno & DEvs,


After seeing so much negative commentary about the Kubrow upkeep/expenses, etc., I thought it would be a good idea to consolidate the thread and have a nice and tidy place for the suggestions. I am on PS$ and don't have my furry buddy yet, but I thought I'd start with my ideas anyway (stemming off what I have read from PC users)...


I don't know if the incubator acts as a sort of pen for the kubrow after it matures, but if it does these are my ideas along that line of reasoning.


Enable Kubrow specific item to keep it happy...

- Dog Bowl

- Kubrow Krackers (like Scooby Snacks, sold in Market for credits)

- Stuffed Grineer Chew Toy (another forum member had this idea, kudos to him/her)

- Corpus Helmet Chew Toy (gathered from killing certain crewman, etc) Kubrow animation could show it putting its whole head in the helmet and shaking it off like some dogs do when playing with shoes.

- infested Ancient Tug-o-war Toy (made from the stretchy arms of any Ancient type and has Tenno-Kubrow interaction qualities/animations)

- Kubrow Comb (pretty self explanatory, but makes your Kubrow happy)

- Laser Pointer (Tenno-Kubrow interaction toy)

- Kubrow toys and items are universal to all owned variations. No need to buy/have for each different version.


In terms of Kubrow coloration, it should be able to be colored like any frame or sentinel using already acquired color palettes (changing the color of the eyes, fur, inner ears, claws and underbelly). The different fur patterns should be equip-able like any other skin and can cost platinum to buy or credits to make.


Fur pattern ideas...

- Spots (Fur Only, Hair Only and Hair & Fur Versions)

- Stripes (Fur Only, Hair Only and Hair & Fur Versions)

- Spots & stripes (Fur Only, Hair Only and Hair & Fur Versions)

- Patches (large spots essentially)(Fur Only, Hair Only and Hair & Fur Versions)

- Brindle Coat (mixed coloration i.e. black, brown and grey together, but changeable with color palettes)

- Long Hair Only

- Short Hair Only

- Hair and Fur (can color the two different coats separately using palettes) 

- Fur Only

- Partially Shaved (Like what some pomeranian owners do)

- Fully Shaved (Like what some pomeranian owners do)

- Chow Chow Skin 

- Lion Skin

- Leopard Skin

- Cheetah Skin

- Jaguar Skin 

- German Shepard Skin

- Saint Bernard skin (with the whiskey barrel under the neck)

- Saber-toothed Skin

- He-man Battle Cat skin (my favorite)

- Beast from X-men skin

There are so many ideas! I could keep going!


Kubrow Attachments Ideas...

- Armor to match their Tenno Owners

- Saddle bags (to give more ammo capacity)

- Battle Harness (connects to collar allowing Kubrows to use sentinel weapons)

- Advanced Battled Harness (connects to collar allowing for merger of sentinel abilities, weapons and Kubrow)

- Kubrow Kogake (just because it works and would look cool)


Well, that's all I got for now. Up-vote if you like my ideas.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed them!





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