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Kubrow Trade



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When trading at the post you browse genetic imprint :) 

There's no way of telling the Type through the Imprints on Trade.

At least currently. Or never. DE didn't say anything about adding that in the imprint UI.

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When I traded an imprint I asked the seller to show me his kubrows abilities (after coming to an agreement with the price), like seeing the kubrow dig in the dojo or playing a short match to see if his kubrow showed the desired abilities.

Currently there`s no fast identification of kubrows other than Sahasa.

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Before you hit accept trade, you can browse the imprints........ Simples and as for the abilities they are all the same for rack kubrow...

What I have found is this;

Raksa - defence kubrow with howl mod makes the enemy run away

Sunika - attack with savage finisher mod

Huras - stealth invisible with stalk mod

Sahasa - dig mod gives you lots of goodies support role.

All the other mods you can use with each and every kubrow, so the imprints you are really just getting color and build.

Hope this helps :-)

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