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It Appears As If I'm A Bit Late For This...


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Well, I apparently just figured out about this forum's existence, so I may as well do something that I should have done over a year ago. 


I've been playing this game pretty much ever since Update 8 came out (pretty much over a year), and am currently at Mastery Rank 16 or so. It's been pretty good fun so far, minus the one time where I kinda burned out and quit the game for a couple months. I tend to speak my mind whenever I actually talk with other people, whenever that actually happens.


Anyway, I've been somewhat active upon these forums, mainly for one thing that I sadly stopped updating (chances are you may have seen it, since it actually was relatively popular back when I made it). I believe that I got into the design council during update 9 or so, which has been a rather nice experience. 


Well, that's about all I feel like mentioning for the time being. Hopefully you all are enjoying Warframe so far, and I may see some of you Tenno later. 

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