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Game Playability And Boosters.


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Hopefully (and thanks for the hard work) you guys will have this ddos attack solved soon and we be able to play normally, the thing is server issues are real in any normal day, and maybe its time to think about the way boosters work, im trying to login to the game all day and i succeded 2 times, both i got kicked after a couple of minutes, thank god i could feed my kubrow, she was starving... and i noticed how my booster's time kept ticking and me not being able to play and it doesnt feel fair.


Im not here to ask any kind of compensation or anything like that, just wish Devs could take this issue and think about it, i dont use the trade to get my plat, i buy it cuz im casual, and i dont have the patience to sell stuff.. so speakin from  my customer point of view i would love to watch the next devs speak on twitch and hear Steve to address this, i just want to know they care and they will think about improving the booster's duration and how we spend it.



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