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Server Lag Causing Lost Mission Rewards.



As of today I have noticed that the servers appear to be slow either because they are not good in the first place (which I highly doubt, they have always seemed decent) or something else is going on. Regardless of what the cause is, it has caused me and likely many many other players to be disconnected or logged out at the begin of a mission (during the invite or the loading screen) and at the end of a mission. Even with the lag, I got into a tower IV defense and me and my team got a Loki prime systems blueprint along with around 25K bonus credits at the end. I appeared to have no problem loading back into my ship but, about 10 seconds after I was celebrating on my ship I was instantaneously logged out of Warframe. When I logged back in, both the money and the precious Loki prime systems blueprint were gone from my inventory. In addition to these I also lost the mod that Vor drops that gives a boost to status chance and poison damage to a melee weapon.

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