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Kubrow Thoughts And Solutions


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I have a very tenacious Kubrow. Jetting around pouncing on enemies and wrecking the ferals of earth. Yet, as I play with my clan mates there are some utility issues i have come to light.


First I would like to bring up the randomized targeting that makes the Kubrow attack who they attack.

Is it Proximity?

Is it Threat Level?

Is it Enemy Type?


Resolution: By marking the enemy target, like with waypoints, The Kubrow could be "unleashed" against the selected enemy. Te same works for guarding an area. Set a waypoint and the Kubrow will stay within a set radius unless its master goes beyond a certain threshold.



Second is the matter of regenerating health of your Kubrow. We know that Feral Kubrow retrieve resources and health and other items but why not our own.


Resolution: Allow our Kubrow to pick up health orbs for themselves.






Do you have something you would like to add as a viable feature lacking in your Kubrow's development?

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Although i though proximity was the determinate factor in the Kubrow attacks, it still feels quite random and sluggish. I know they have been improving every day, but i just think a little more pollish in the way of targetable enemies, or a learning AI is in order. Take the data from the every match of how you attack targets and give that info to your kubrow, and there you go. Custom attack pattern based on who you prioritize as a threat. (They would probably get killed faster though)

Then there is the targetting method. Target applicable enemy and your Kubrow goes and attacks.... Can anyone say TOTAL APPLICATION FOR STEALTH!!!

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