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Can't Deploy Extractor/foundry Bug


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I built an extractor, claimed it and it's in my inventory, but the foundry icon was left in the upper right corner. I have unlocked all nodes on Venus, but it still says I have to unlock all nodes to deploy it. I claimed the extractor during the server issues, so maybe it has something to do with that, didn't register right or something.


Don't know if it's a good idea, but I'm building another extractor at the moment in hopes it fixes something :/


Edit: I have exited game many, many times, but doesn't help.


Edit: I was mistaken about the icon, just couldn't figure out what it was sooner. It was something different. But anyway, I have now two extractors I can't deploy.

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As it stands currently, all nodes on a planet have to be completed in order to deploy Extractors. This is likely a bug since there's been no mention of it as an intended change to Extractor mechanics but for right now the workaround is to complete all the nodes on a planet and deploy the Extractor that way.

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