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Kubrow Cant Be Pet


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Hi, i will like to say that i dont know if this issue should go here, i think that this is where it should go.


Ok so now here is my problem, when i try to pet my kubrow the screen goes black (normal so far), then the game returns with me and the kubrow next to me (normal until), 1 sec later, the screen goes black again and i didnt pet my kubrow = he doesnt gain loyalty... in easy words, the bug doesnt let me pet the kubrow and he doesnt gain affect to me. 


At first, i thought that it may be a corrupt file, until somenoe else had this problem.


Will this be fixed?

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Guys to anyone having this issue, i found a temporal fix, go next to your kubrow and then look to the circle behind you (where you are suppost to pet the kubrow), then press e. Idk what is the problem, but is fixed for my if i do it in this way

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