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Kubrows And Some Thoughts


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Yes it's another Kubrow thread xP


the Upkeep system doesn't encourage, it punishes!

100k credits isn't much and it's easily obtainable in an half an hour, with that I can keep my kubrow alive for several days, great sounds nice, well it's not bad.

but somehow it gives me the feeling I have to care for my kubrow, it doesn't give me the feel I want to care for my kubrow.



how about these ideas for the upkeep:

1. Kubrows can't die it stays at -90% health

then > it should be easy to get it back to 0 extra health (~6 dna stabilizers) and it should take way more to boost it to +100% extra health (~18 dna stabilizers)


2. Let Ordis take care of the Kubrow how about install a setting (get that item through a chain of quests) and let ordis take care of the kubrow (only dna stabilizing) so it won't drop below -90%, with upgrades the system should be able to get to 0% health.


3. Reduce the price of the stabs, I don't like the idea of reducing the price but it should help a lot of people


4. Let other players take care of your kubrow > Tenno A goes to Tenno B to feed the Kubrow with a weaker version of Stabilizers, maybe something that simply stops the decay for few hours? or give it 5-10%? that way it makes more sense to interact with your friends and the other pets, I don't mind visiting other people when I'm already online


5. take care of your kubrow on your smartphone/tablet, a mobile app that lets you take care of it? I'm all up for it, I've got my tablet 24/7 with me, taking care there is quick and since it's always with me anyway it's a matter of 3second to feed it etc. but I don't want to be forced to log into the game all the time.



Kubrow doesn't grow it just goes poof next evo stage

it's boring and gives me the feel of a stupid wait thing, and when it's matured nothing happens. just level your tool


 Give it multiple mutation/evolution stages 

1. Feed them with Frame Parts, since Frame parts are organic kubrows could adapt the frame affinity, fire raksa? F*** yeah, cloning mirage huras F*** yeah!


2. Feed them with Ressources, bye bye nano spores? or a shiny argon crystal energized kubrow? whynot :D?


3. Feed them with live targets. go to corpus mission to feed them with bots and corpus, go to infested missions to mutate them



have fun

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+1 OP


i agree with the kubrows should not die from lack of dna repair, they should stay at -90%


also they should degrade by 10% a day vs 20% and dna should repair 10% as well, this gives a bit more breathing room, but also requires more to bring back up


personally i think loyalty/dmg and dna/health is backwards and loyalty/dmg should degrade over time and dna/hps should only degrade on death, that way the ship will keep yer kubrow alive while yer gone, but the puppy will not be happy and wont want to fight for you until u give him lovings (and since you can only give him so much luvins a day, it would take awhile to bring him back to full function)


again, dmg should go down/up in ticks of 10%, not 20%, so that if you ignore the kubrow for a week or so, it would take several days to get him back to full power

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