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Wtb Kubrow Tiger Imprints.

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Doesn't matter what type. Body size, preferably medium or buff. Would like similar color hues to a tiger. 


500p. Post pic please here please.



700p. If hues are very similar to a tiger's.

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Interested in a white tiger at all? Sunika Female, as I used two imprints from the same kubrow, she'll be tall, medium build with the more fluffy legs.



Sorry looking for something like this:



Which I don't think I'll ever find ever since the hotfix.  Y^Y


Kira's was very close, but the stripes needed to be darker. Sorry, as you can see, I'm very picky. >_<

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Aww, but white tigers are so pretty. If you're interested, Tiberious http://puu.sh/asKoq/31dbdf01d8.jpg in this thread https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/276081-dovashy%C2%B4s-kubrow-shop/ is exactly what you're looking for. Although he's technically sold, maybe you guys could work something out. Good luck =)

OMG yes! Now just gotta see how the little guy grows up. >_<


Thanks BTW.


EDIT: Damn was too late. >_< 


And yeah, that's the type I'm looking for. :P

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