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Orokin Derelict Assassinate; Lephantis Does Not Want Me In His Hole.


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Title says it all, picture demonstrates.




Possible bug cause;


- I was knocked down during the shaking after I killed the last head on the first stage.

- I was also still in knocked down state when the cutscene started.

- After the cutscene, I spawned up on the top floor instead of below the hole.
NOTE: During the cutscene, my Mirage was not seen.


- Allowed myself to die, hoping to respawn down there. Revived, still ended up the same spot.

NOTE: My Mirage's body fell down through the restricted zone floor after dying.


- Elevators are blocked. (Should really open it up and just blocked it downstairs if there's a Restricted floor zone.)

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This happened to me as well, I was running the same mission, and me and my squadmates killed Lephantis. I was at extraction, fell in one of the holes in the walkway, and was respawned in the same place OP is in. I could walk around and jump and stuff.


It was spooky.

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