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So in order to stop these vermins from passing on their genes to my other Kubrows, I'm selling away their imprints!

You can use these ugly dogs for experiments! Like figuring out what happens when you abuse it on missions by letting it die.

Avoid interacting with it for 10 days and not using DNA stabilizers, that sort of thing!

"Ones mans trash is another mans pet slave."  — Me.









Fur Color: Boring Common Grey, with vomit green neck! It rolled around in a sewer or something, don't really care.

Type: God knows.

Gender: Who cares? (I don't).



Fur Color: Epic fail Tiger wannabe with tacky ghost 70's disco pants.

Type: Feral.

Gender: Gay



Fur Color: Gray Mud.

Type: idk. but mostly idc.

Gender: Lesbo



Fur Color: Mossy green. or Weed Green, whatever sounds nice enough for you to buy.

Type: Not my type.

Gender: I'm guessing male, or else a weird looking female.


Starting Price: 20

Buyout Price: 100P 


Auction will run for 24 hours or whenever I feel like stopping.

Contact me via Forum PM, this thread, or in-game (if online).





Too ugly to bid on, so I jumped at the first offer in-game. SOLD.



AxelAZ - 30P


AxelAZ - 60P        



Mak Gohae - 20P




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15p for D, he will seems like he will perform well in my experiments. I already have 4 rejects lined up to die. What breed is he though?

Sorry! The starting bids are 20p! 

That covers the cleaning of the stasis chamber, the food, the repairs of whatever they broke, the spray to deodorize my ship, and for the stress of looking at it.

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If only I could knew what D is...

If only DE cared enough to put their type on the Imprint UI. I mean how hard can that be?

Anyway, the starting bids are very low for that exact reason.

Take a leap of faith?


"What do you say to taking chances? What do you saaaaaay to jumping off the edge?

Never knowing if there's solid ground below, or hand to hold, or hell to paaaay?

What do you saaay?"

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