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Trouble With Nova's Amd.



Now usually, I just Nova for Molecular Prime on super high-level missions like T4 Survival. I've been trying to add Antimatter Drop to my game, and I just can't.


The main problem is I can't charge the thing consistently. I can unload an entire magazine of my Boltor Prime with my reticule on the exact center of the drop, only to do 199 damage and not kill anything. Same with my Marelok. I just can't get the drop to actually absorb damage consistently enough to make me want to use it. It's so glitchy too. Sometimes it will go slow, other times it will go fast. I will unload one magazine of my Boltor Prime and do some crazy ridiculous damage, and other times I won't do hardly anything at all. And the thing is pretty hard to use at the right times, too.


Any tips, suggestions? This is on PS4.

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