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Fire Blast Disrupting Enemy Travel Routes


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In the Dark Sector Survival mission Tikal on Earth, I was using the Ember frame with a maxed continuity mod, intensify mod, and roughly half maxed Narrow Minded mod. During the mission, I used Fire Blast to protect myself, and enemies normally ran into it. Oddly, the first time, a few enemies were chasing me around the inside of the ring, unharmed. Then after that point, whenever I used Fire Blast, all enemies except for crawlers would remain on the outside of the ring, and if I moved to the outside, they would travel around it, or if the entire path was blocked, they would take a completely different route, say a vine or a walkway that went around the room. At extraction (The cave tile, not the cliff tile) I completely blocked the tunnel with another fire blast, and absolutely no enemies passed through it. They simply stood on the other side of it and waited for it to fade before giving chase.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but it pretty much negates the point of fire blast except to provide a roadblock, not even kill anything. The only kills I got with it aside from the first cast of the match were on activation, which still succeded, but after activation it did me no good except to serve as a roadblock for the infested.

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