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What Is The Volume Of A Grineer Explosive Barrel?


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After playing around in Earth and killing countless Grineer, I set aside my feelings for a moment and asked myself this question: 


What is the volume of a Grineer Explosive Barrel?


Taking my Oberon (since he has a relatively straight back and, well, he needed a run anyways) and my Codex Scanner (since waypoint measurements are too imprecise), I went around Earth and found a lone Grineer Explosive Barrel. Then, after playing around with figuring out how to measure the values I needed, I found out that the radius of the explosive barrel is 0.4m, and the height of the explosive barrel is 0.7m. Thus, using the formula for calculating the volume of a cylinder: 


V = π * (r^2) * h

V = π * (0.4^2) * 0.7 * m^3

V = 0.352 m^3


Of course, this assumes it is a full cylinder (i.e. no inward slants like the top and bottom of the Grineer Explosive Barrel), but since the volume deducted from the inward slants is so negligible, the volume will stay roughly the same. 


Since the metal creating the barrel has some thickness, we will need to cover that as well. Assuming that the thickness of the metal used to create the whole barrel is 0.05m (shoddy Grineer manufacturing), then the actual volume of the explosive barrel is: 


Radius: (0.8 - 0.1)/2 = 0.35m

Height: 0.7 - 0.1 = 0.6m

V = π * (0.35^2) * 0.6 * m^3

V = 0.231 m^3


So, whenever you have the urge to know what is the volume of a Grineer Explosiv Barrel while destroying the whole room, there is your answer. 

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I tried using the scanner to measure the height of warframes once, but I stopped after finding the height of Banshee and Mag. The scanner isn't accurate enough, so I just ended up getting the same numbers. Since the scanner increases in increments of 10cm, the warframes height will either be a couple inches taller or shorter than they should be. I may consider going back to measure the heights if DE adds another decimal place to the scanner. =P


Nice job by the way.

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