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Really Bad Dcs And Game Freezes After U14


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So something major went wrong with the U14 update,

 i get constant Disconnections and freezes now,

its gotten to a point now, where its every other mission roughly, where the game freezes on either mission load in screen,

or mission load out screen, then theres the constant freezing of the UI when im in menus, or when i come back from a mission,.


The game is unplayable in this state, ive absolutly seized to hunt for any prime parts or the likes,

or even to level frames/weapons, because half the time the game chrashes, and i loose all the XP gained on that mission.


Never had, (or only very rarealy) any problems with server stability prior to U14..



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Its similar with me as well,  I've got a support ticket open and have been talking to someone trying to fix it.  So far all I've got is a temporary fix of turning off PhysX.  Though this kinda annoys me seeing as how I upgraded my computer and used nvidia specifically so i could use the PhysX now the games so unstable all that upgrading was pointless.

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