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What's The Coolest Warframe Ability In The Game?

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Now that Molt actually looks like Saryn and not a travesty, and how it slowly dissipates into nothingness like it gets blown away in the wind, I vote for Molt as coolest.


I think it looks really great. Kudos to whoever redid Molt.

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Man... that's a tough choice.


I'm going to give it to Vauban's Vortex with Bladestorm being a close second. It's just when I first saw Vortex, it just gave me this impression, "What the.. A black hole? Whoa... O_O" The monsters would deform and be bent all over the place by the ability. It also sucked all the items towards it, which was pretty cool. Bladestorm was just super mysterious for me, it looked like Ash was going all over the place crazily and from the outsider perspective. Once you actually use it, then you can appreciate it and see why it's cool. As an outsider perspective, it was more mysterious for me than it was cool.



Two videos that show the awesomeness of the abilities.

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I love the feel of radial javelin. Instead of press 4 to win it's press 4 for mass impalement.

World on fire has awesome visuals too, as do overload and avalanche

Prism gets a mention as well just because I am loving mirage at the moment

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