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Are The Akzanis Good?



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They're practically Dex Furis

While they feel like and handle like the Dex Furis/Afuris, statistically, they're no better, and in some instances, worse, than the Afuris.


The mag size and reload is a definite plus if you need it to be that large, but the damage is underwhelming for a weapon that requires Argon and dedication. Puncture, impact and slash are all lower than the Afuris, giving a base physical damage of 13 compared to the Afuris' 15. Crit chance, crit damage and status are all equally low and unviable for specialist builds (Yes, I realise the AkZani have 5% status over the Afuris' 1%, but for me, that wasn't even a consideration for either). Firerate is comparable for both, but the AkZani 'feature' a 2.0s reload as opposed to the Afuris' 2.8. Whether this will actually help or not (since if you can't take down an enemy from a short burst of machine-pistol fire, I don't believe you should be using them on that enemy anyway) is up to you, but alternative and comparable-tier machine pistols like the Akstiletto with a 1.1s reload blow this feature clear out of the water.


I personally disliked it since even decked out with Hornet Strike, Barrel Diffusion and Lethal Torrent, it barely got me over the 10 minute mark on Apollodorus before I realised I needed help taking down tough guys and the AkZani just wasn't cutting it. It might work for you, though, if you like putting up sustained fire to chip away at enemies without worrying about reload time and mag size too much, but from an end-game player's perspective, it's underwhelming to say the least, with low damage potential. It can potentially be a decent investment, but right now, I'm not seeing it.


However, if you do manage to get one as a mid-game player, and don't have the Afuris/Dex Furis/any other comparable machine pistol duo, it's worth levelling to 30 to get you through. Just don't feel obliged to spend forma on it if you're strapped for resources.


Edit: Also, "AkZani" is its own plural, just like "Tenno" and "Grineer". Omg my OCD.

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They are nearly identical to the AFuris, but with more mag capacity, faster reload, and a much higher status chance.  I notice there is no muzzle rise either, just a big spray. Burst firing results in fairly accurate medium range shots.


The Dex Furis are also identical, but have a slightly boosted crit chance. But that's a limited weapon and not everyone has it.


And of course it's crafting recipe is totally different.

AFuris: 105,000 credits, 1500 ferrite, 600 alloy plate, 800 salvage, 8 neurodes, and orokin cell and 36 hours.

AkZani: 40,000 credits, 1500 salvage, 1000 polymer, 2 morphics, 2 argon crystals, and 12 hours.

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