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For The Love Of The Doggy God...add A Mapsymbol And Bleedout Notice...


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...for Kubrows.


In a defense with bodies piled up everywhere its really hard to see wich one is my just bleeding out dog.

I instantly get the note of teammate fall, 3 rooms apart...with a fitting onscreen range indicator...but not my dog, beside me. I cant have an eye on its Healthcounter all the time. 


Also it would be nice to see his position with a symbol on the minimap.


Please add, thanks.




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it's a blue dot on the minimap for one.


mod it better and it won't die


I'll be sure to say that next time I see you bleeding out.

(everything dies at a point no matter how you mod, also when they are rank 2)

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When you give it great mods when it is at higher ranks, it would be hard for it to die. My kubrow is currently vat lvl 25 and it even has higher shield, health, and armor stats than my fully nodded rhino prime. That "my-doggy-kept-dying" stage will soon be over.

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4 formas in, every mod at rank max and my kubrow is a damn beast, teamed with my ash hes at over 2400hps and 1k shields and pretty much any melee attack i make fully heals him.


i just kind of wish he did a bit more (as in attack speed ratgher than sitting by myside half the time when h does attack he seems to do really good dmg and 1 shots stuff), or atleast more variety in his attacks, but hes yet to die while im alive, im glad they fixed him dying when you did.


to get past the weak squishy levels just do low lvl missions a couple of times until he/she is lvl 10 ish and high enough for health and shield mods.





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