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Any Ps4 U14 Update News?



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Considering how much trouble U14 gave us, and how much time DE has had to put into fixing it, I wouldn't expect it any time soon.  There are still a lot of tweaks and fixes it needs before it gets sent out for certification.  Read the pc update forums,  you will see there has been a hotfix almost every day since U14 went live. 


But, if you played on PC you wouldn't have to wait.  Sorry had to say it. 

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It took more than 2 months to develop it on PC, give it another month (minimum). I'm sure they are working on it and not just sitting in the office, drinking tea and talking about the weather.


You will also be informed when they know something about it. Be patient.

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here is a word of advice:

U14 is by far the most bug ridden update so far in the history of warframe.

they made 9 hotfixes in 2 weeks...


wait for a stable version. you really don't want it in the state it is currently in.

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