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Glitch Or Not?



When i try to interact with my kubrow it doesn't work...


here's the catch...


it doesn't work when i go too close to it.


Glitch or not?




and also, i cant really 'e' it. i have to press x then click the interact...


glitch or not?

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it says 3/3 interactions still, and when it's low on loyalty and i use it, it says 2/3... it's just annoying that 'e' sometimes just bloody doesnt work.


Have you used 3 interactions in the past 24 hours if your kubrow lost 60% loyalty level? if so, you can only interact 3 times per kubrow per day if he loses loyalty, 1 use is 20%, so that only accounts in if the kubrow lost loylaty(so from death)





I know, thats what is annoying me.

Theres a sweet spot that you have to stand in in order to be able to quick melee interact with it.

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