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Warframe Chronicals


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So, I'm not entirly sure if something like this has been done yet, but I figured I'd still post it anyway to see what you guys think of it. I plan on adding more to just chapter 1 and maybe making more chapters if I'm up to it. This was just something I did because I was slightly bored and 2 I don't normally use forums a whole lot so yeah, here you go.


Warframe Chronicles


Chapter 1: Loki

Date: July 28th, 2150

Location: Earth

Mission: Capture

“These are high value targets, bring them to me for questioning” says Lotus. “….. Understood” says Loki while slightly snickering.  With one of many loyal companions to the Tenno by his side, Loki sets off on a small sector of Earth, hunting for two targets who have very valuable intel on one of the Tenno’s sworn enemies; The Grineer.  With his usual trickster personality, Loki goes invisible and silently kills a few foot soldiers, thinking this is just another laid back capture missions. Boy is he going to be wrong. He continues making his way through the sector, taking out more and more of the Grineer with his Dakra Prime Sword, showing no mercy whatsoever. Blood on the boxes, machines and ground where Grineer once stood, severed bodies laying waste quickly decaying away and of course a slaughter isn’t a good one without the killers name written somewhere in cold blood. Loki had written his name in a horrific, yet artistic way on one of the Grineer machinery; little did he know that would get him in more trouble than he originally thought. When Loki had left the blood shed scene, a rather large shadow hovered over the bloody written name. “Loki……” said the shadow in a low, deep, demonic voice. “Loki, I am detecting a very strong unfamiliar figure coming after you. My data is not recognizing it at all; forget the objective extrac- ““HEY! I have a bet to keep with Excalibur, no way am I losing it” says Loki, completely cutting off Lotus. Soon he will learn a bet is not worth losing your own life over. The figure that is after Loki did not look like any other Grineer enemy, no this guy seemed like he meant business, murder business to be more exact. The way he looked would fit the small rumor that has been going around the Solar System about a new Grineer face coming out of the shadows and has been a mass Tenno murder spree. Rumor has it he out ranks the Grineer with his overpowering weaponry and suit of armor that by far surpasses the original armor for the Grineer and the armor of their sworn enemy, the Corpus. They say any Tenno that have gone toe to toe with him did not live to tell the tale. He has sometimes left the bodies of the Tenno he slaughtered in random sectors of different planets as a sign to future Tenno to surrender or be prepared for the ultimate punishment. This terrifying Grineer is known as T.K short for Tenno Killer since nobody knows if he even has a real name. “AHHHHHRRRRRGGGGG!!!!” screamed the first bleeding and suffering captive while Loki was chuckling to himself. “You see Lotus? Nothing has happened yet and nothing will when I go for the second target. Maybe you just need to update your systems” said Loki in a very cheeky way. “Loki I do not trust continuing this mission, despite your so called bet with your fellow Tenno operative, Excalibur. Abort the mission and get to extraction, now” said Lotus in a very worried tone.  Being slightly annoyed and irritated Loki would say “Either you help me out or just shut up and stop being a buzzkill. Whatever is after me, IF there is anything after me, it is probably nothing I can’t handle.” As the old saying goes, “famous last words” because just then T.K dropped straight down on top of Loki,-BOOM!- bashing him into the ground with a rather large hammer having some of Loki’s blood splattering on his armor. “Loki? LOKI?!” exclaimed Lotus. “I-… I’m fine, just a flesh wound” said Loki as blood was coming down from his helmet and having a small wound in his back from where the hammer had slammed into him. “Weak, just like the rest of your fallen Tenno brothers and sisters, is this the best Loki the sly trickster has got to offer? What a shame” said T.K in a slight disappointed voice.

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