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Sugatras Aren't Retaining The Colors. Also, Muddy Textures.


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The muddy textures thing is just textures loading in. Not really a bug, per say, but it didn't happen before U10, I think. Now it's everywhere sometimes, and REALLY pronounced during this update. It's gotten so bad that it causes the engine conk out and the game to almost crash. I would like to detail under what circumstances it happens, but that's just it, it's pretty random, yet seems to hit player models the hardest.

Now then, the Sugatras are, as said, not keeping the colors I give them. That's it. They just aren't. I assign colors, and they seem to take, but the moment I click on 'back' to get out of the attachments selection for my melee weapons, they revert to default colors and no amount of going back, clicking on the 'main colors' buttom, or reapplying them manually will make the colors stay as I want them. Bloody things are useless now.

Please whip the coding chimps, and fix the accessories.

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Agreed, it started happening to me as well, my sugatras maintain that ugly default color....  The Gram i have just doesn't look evil enough with a brightly colored chain... the chain has to be black and red... like my soul.

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