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Selling Some Mods And Prime Parts/bps.

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Note: I am following the medium column in this price list:

Arrow Ammo Mutation (unranked)
Barrel Diffusion (unranked)
Blaze (unranked)
Burdened Magazine (unranked)
Burning Wasp (unranked)
Clashing Forest (unranked)
Constitution (unranked)
Continuity (unranked)
Coolant leak (unranked)
Corrupt Charge (unranked)
Critical Delay (unranked)
Enemy Sense (unranked)
Energy Channel (unranked)
Fired up (unranked)
Fleeting Expertise (unranked)
Flow (unranked)
Focus Energy (unranked)
Fracturing Wind (unranked)
Handspring (unranked)
Heavy Trauma (unranked)
Hell's Chamber (unranked)
Intensify (unranked)
Lethal Torrent (unranked)
Magnum force (unranked)
Magnum force (4/10)
Metal Auger (unranked)
Narrow Minded (unranked)
Overextended (unranked)
Physique (unranked)
Pistol Ammo Mutation (unranked)
Pistol Scavenger (unranked)
Power Throw (unranked)
Quick Thinking (unranked)
Ravage (unranked)
Reaping Spiral (unranked)
Reflex Guard (unranked)
Rejuvination (unranked)
Retribution (unranked)
RIfle Ammo Mutation (unranked)
Rifle Amp (unranked)
Sanctuary (unranked)
Seeker (unranked)
Shimmering Blight (unranked)
Shotgun Ammo Mutation (unranked)
Sniper Ammo Mutation (unranked)
Sniper Scavenger (unranked)
Speed Holster (unranked)
Spoiled Strike (unranked)
Steady Hands (unranked)
Steel Charge (unranked)
Steel Charge (fully ranked)
Streamline (unranked)
Stretch (unranked)
Stunning Speed (unranked)
Sundering Strike (unranked)
Sundering Weave (unranked)
Sure Footed (unranked)
Tainted Clip (fully ranked)
Tainted Clip (unranked)
Tainted Mag (unranked)
Tainted Shell (unranked)
Thunderbolt (unranked)
Vicious Spread (unranked)
Vile Precision (unranked)
Vital Sense (unranked)
Ankyros Prime Gauntlet
Boar Prime Blueprint
Boltor Prime Barrel
Boltor Prime Receiver
Braton Prime Blueprint
Braton Prime Stock
Bronco Prime Barrel
Bronco Prime Blueprint
Burston Prime Barrel
Burston Prime Receiver
Burston Prime Stock
Dakra Prime Blade
Dakra Prime Blueprint
Dakra Prime Handle
Ember Prime Chassis
Ember Prime Helmet
Fang Prime Blade
Fang Prime Blueprint
Glaive Prime Disc
Latron Prime Barrel
Latron Prime Blueprint
Latron Prime Receiver
Latron Prime Stock
Lex Prime Barrel
Mag Prime Chassis
Orthos Prime Blade
Paris Prime Blueprint
Paris Prime Lower Limb
Paris Prime String
Paris Prime Upper Limb
Reaper Prime Blueprint
Rhino Prime Systems
Sicarus Prime Blueprint
PM me in-game or here.
I will only be available at 6:00pm - 9:00pm on weekdays
and 12:00pm-11:00pm on weekends     (Philippine time)

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