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Cannot Change Email Adress




First I want to say sorry since I dont know where to post this


Now to my problem-

Whenever I try to change email I get an error: Incorrect current password

I keep trying every week, but no change occurs


Any help would be appreciated!



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This is more suited for players helping players.


anyways... make sure u type ur pass right.\


if u are really sure, send a ticket on warframe support about this issue.

Im 200 % sure I have typed it right since I have tried many times, on many occasions, I will send a ticket then!

Also thank you for telling me where to post such a post next time friend!

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I've had the same problem I typed my password like 30 times with and without cap locks and it wouldn't work but when I log in like normal on the website or game it works fine.

This is exactly my problem!

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