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Where we don't just fly, we soar.




Currently a shadow clan with a dojo consisting of a trading post and all research labs; Trophaeum is accepting of all active, well mannered players that meet the requirements below. We are a North American, English-speaking clan.


Trophaeum is centered around the ideal of improving upon yourself every time you play; whether it be perfecting your zoren-copter speed-runs, or simply trying to make it through a mission undetected, we help our members achieve what they are set to do.


Trophaeum strives towards not just an active clan or community of players, but a fellowship of the same ideal. We often have members on our TS3 (voice) server, as well as members participating in weekly activities which include: BYOB T4 runs, Vaults Races, Boss Battles & more!


Events now being streamed every Saturday @ 7:00pm PST/PDT HERE!


Definition of trophaeum: An ancient Greek or Roman monument commemorating a military victory.



With a community based around a long standing relationship between members traveling between different games, we have settled down in Warframe as the clan Trophaeum.


Teamspeak communication is encouraged.

We encourage all of our members to become active in our Teamspeak 3 (our preferred VOIP program) server as to create lasting relationships with others in the community. In our experience, voice communication is essential in a growing community in order to create the strong bonds that support it.


Please be respectful of others and their opinions.

Respecting others and their opinions is crucial in the assurance of a friendly and understanding community. Just because someone thinks or acts differently than you does not give you the right to belittle them. However, each individual is entitled to share their own opinion just as much as they are allowed to disagree with others (just please be civil!).


Have a goal and work towards it.

In this clan's experience, all players need to have a goal. This ensures that the player continually pushes themselves further to reach that goal, bettering themselves as a player and a person. This is of the utmost importance to us, so please have a goal in mind when speaking to a recruiter. This goal may change over time, but your pursuit of said goal should be the focus, not the goal itself. Life is a journey, not a destination.



Show your interest by:


Replying to this topic,

Applying on steam,

Or sending me a message in game.


Our clan is based around the Steam community for our recruiting and membership. As our in-game clan size is limited, we actively downsize to active members when called for. Should we reach a point in time that warrants expansion for an even more active community, we will expand our alliance in-game; but our steam group reflects those associated with our warframe clan and ideals.


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I would be really happpy to join your clan. I posted an app on the Steam group page.



I applied on the steam page,should take a looksie




I look forward to playing more with both of you in game!

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If you are interested in participating in events on Saturdays as a means of "testing the waters" then feel free to reply!


No need for an application, just reply here and send an in-game friend invite to me.


We would be glad to make anyone more comfortable with a possible transition into our clan. Plus, we get to test YOU out this way too! (/evil_laugh)

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