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Mirage Clone's Bullets Invisible


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The visibility of my clones bullets is very random.


Most of the time and most of the weapons I don't see the clones bullets.


Angstrum for example, only seen a couple of times, despite doing tons of ODD.(just seen it as I type this)


Drakgoon bullets never seen them on clones.


Despair I see something else, like fireworks, its funny.


I wish it was more consistent, part of the fun in Mirage is seeing the clones shooting things... at least my own clones bullets should be visible, the other players clones could be hidden...

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This might be due to the reduction in weapon discharge effects when using HoM. Some members were able to rain down torrents of Supra bullets with the 5 Supras, all bullets visible. Drakgoon caused extensive lag when used with HoM.

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